Welcome to Bit Theory

Bit Theory is a leading visual effects company based in southern California. We provide creative and technical services to the Film, Broadcast, Commercials, Video Gaming, Web and Media industries; from concept design to cutting edge CG animation. Our reputation for creativity and delivery keeps us in high demand with some of the leading film studios around the world.

Our team of digital artists and animators are leaders in all areas of visual effects production, including animation, crowd generation, modeling and compositing.

Pipeline R&D and development | VFX and CG for Features, Television, Commercial, Animation | Prep Compositing for Stereoscopic Conversion

ABOUT: What’s in a name?

The term "Bit", in computing, is defined as the basic unit of information in computing and telecommunications.

The word "Theory", when used by scientists, refers to an explanation of reality that has been thoroughly tested so that most scientists agree on it. The word theory also distinguishes ideas from practice.

These two terms define the basis for our company as we apply the latest in new technologies for solutions in the creative entertainment industry; utilizing our technology for the advancement of others' ideas to stable practice.




Bit Theory (BTI) is located near the heart of the entertainment industry and its sate of the art facility houses state of the art technology that allows BTI to provide its customers the latest techniques in animation.

  • Ph: 949.769.6444
  • Fax: 949.769.6448

For more information please email info@bitheory.com

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With film being part of its DNA, Bit Theory continues to work on major motion pictures including three just wrapped major summer 2011 releases which include Transformers: Dark of the Moon and two yet to be announced summer releases.

Please check back in the fall for updates and enjoy the reel above.


Among numerous other television other projects, Bit Theory put together the opening sequence for Investigation Discover’s (ID.) hit show Solved.


Bit Theory's principals have worked on numerous video game projects. Please check back soon to see the demo real of our yet to be announced video game title.


Bit Theory and its partners have worked on a number of high quality commercial campaigns for brands such as: Audio, Coca-Cola, Lenovo, SanDisk, Toyota and Rawlings.


Bit Theory and Autodesk have formed a new software sponsorship as both companies are creating and utilizing new technologies to enhance the CG pipeline. As Bit Theory's new technologies become more public, each will be compatible with most of Autodesk's well-known applications. Please visit Autodesk’s site.

Visit the Autodesk site.


Bit Theory and Friends Of Mine continue a long standing relationship brought together by a passion for excellence in highly creative visual styles. From Motion Graphics and CG integration, this ongoing partnership helps our commercial and television clientele get the best for and out of the projects. Please visit Friends of Mine's site.

Visit the Friends of Mine site.


Lenovo's sponsorship of Bit Theory's hardware has served both companies well. Lenovo's ThinkStationTM line has surpassed BTI's previous performance benchmarks, shattering metrics previous set by BTI's demanding technologies, and the best is yet to come. Please visit Lenovo's site to learn more about its line of workstations.

Read Lenovo's white paper on Bit Theory (PDF)

Visit the Lenovo site.


Bit Theory's mission is to work with the best in all areas. In doing so, we believe that starting with the best artists is key to our success. To that end, Bit Theory works closely with Laguna College of Art and Design, or LCAD. Please visit LCAD's website.

Visit the LCAD site.